But our bones still remember a times of matriarchal society, of mother earth being worshiped not destroyed and feminine values ​​highly appreciated: the days in which the soul was more important than money, love more important than power.









Silver Lining Dance Rituals ©

-Dance Rituals for Women-,


Silver Lining Dance Rituals (fortnightly classes) welcomes women (16+) who share an interest in dance as a language of personal and communal spiritual expression. The class embraces a rich diversity of dance movements (but mainly Oriental dance), cultures, spiritual traditions and abilities in order to promote an integration of body, mind and spirit. Students will be introduced to foundational dance movements, footwork, isolations, proper posture, movement articulation and bodylines. The class covers basic dance movements and steps incorporating drills and repetition to mainly Arabic and North African music.
➢ Tap into your feminine nature while getting in shape!
➢ Awaken your Body! Nurture your Spirit!
➢ Have fun while building Strength, Balance and Flexibility.


No previous knowledge or dance training is necessary, this class is not about becoming a dance star, but about enjoying dancing together, celebrating femininity.












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